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Is it Time for New Siding?

Ten Tell Tale Signs that it's Time for New Siding on Your Home

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Siding is the very first thing people notice when they look at your home, whish isn't surprising considering it takes up the majority of your home's exterior. Siding can make or break your home's curb appeal, making it important to keep up with your sidings health and style. Here are the ten things you should check to see if your home needs new siding.

1. Siding is Visibly Rotting

Wood siding is very common, and while beautiful, is commonly riddled with problems, such as rot. If the siding is improperly installed or neglected, moisture can become trapped in the boards and damage quietly spreads. By the time the rot is visible, the damage could be quite extensive. Switching to aluminum or vinyl siding can help mitigate the damage caused by weather.

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2. Siding has Cracks, Gaps or Holes

Such might be seen as nice little doorways, perfect for pests, but they can be a home owners worst nightmare. Not only can moisture slip past your home’s barriers to wreak havoc, but mice, bugs and other creepy critters can make their way in and feast on your home, turning your home into a bird buffet.

3. Siding is Bulging

This can be tricky to spot depending on the location, so you'll want to stand at a few different angles with good lighting to be sure. Any sign of bulging or warped siding panels can mean big trouble. They can be covering an existing problem, or be just the start of one. A whole siding replacement may be necessary to protect the rest of your home.

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4. Siding Color is Badly Faded

Fading is a natural byproduct of having something exposed to the elements, like your siding is. But if you are noticing a lot of lost color on your home's siding, it may not just be the sun to blame. Many brands of vinyl siding are made with color pigments that last only as long as the siding is meant to, so your siding may be telling you it's ready to come down. 

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5. Painting Parties are the Norm

As with vinyl, painted siding will fade with time and weather. You should expect a fresh coat of paint to be needed every 8 to 10 years. If you find yourself shelling out for paint every three or so years, it's time to consider new siding. If you have to repaint your home's exterior every couple of years, it’s an indication of your product either being of poor quality, or reaching the end of it’s useful life.

bad to good.jpg

7. The Interior of the Home is Weeping

If there Moisture build up, mold or mildew on the inside of your exterior facing walls or millwork, it may indicate that your siding is failing to protect your home from water damage, even if there are no visible damages to the exterior of your home. 

Painting Party.jpg

6. House Looks Older than its Years

If your home's style is so outdated it looks 15 going on 50, not only can it be an eyesore to the community, it’s likely time that the siding is replaced anyway due to age and the natural cycle of the sidings life. Doing so can give you the chance you've been waiting for to transform your home beautifully.

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8. Bills are Out of Control

If your house is drafty and costly to heat or cool, new siding (with some improved insulation) can make a massive difference, even if there aren’t any obvious signs around the home. Upgrading your siding now can save you heaps of money down the road.

9. Maintenance is Exhausting

Wood, stucco, stone and brick siding are timeless and beautiful and demanding of constant attention and upkeep. Life is busy, and if you find that maintaining your current siding has become too much of a hassle with everyday life trouble can start keeping in under the paneling. It may be time to switch to a low maintenance siding, such as vinyl, before it has a chance to go wrong and become more expensive, allowing you to enjoy the view and downtime in equal measures.

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10. Thinking of Selling your Home?

Whether you have an empty nest or a growing family, you may consider moving to a new home. Siding is the largest contributor to your home's curb appeal, for good or ill. Residing can help the resale of your house, not only by giving it an updated, desirable look, but also insuring that your siding will not hold buyers or lenders back from committing to your home. 

There you have it, ten signs that it may be time for your home to be resided. No one sign is a sure fire determining factor in your decision to get new siding, but if you find yourself considering it any way, give us a call or book an appointment today. And don't worry about that price tag, we have several financing options available to help make your dream of a beautiful home a reality. 

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