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Minnesota is home to storms, tornadoes, hail, blizzards and winds that can damage your home.  If your roof, siding, windows, doors or gutters are damaged from a storm, GeekSuite Exteriors can help you sort out the situation, negotiate with your insurance company and work to make your home whole again.


GSE is an honest, local contractor with years of experience negotiating storm damage and hail damage claims with our clients’ insurance companies.  We can reduce your stress-level, so consider using our expertise to help fix your home. Work with a local expert in storm repair!

Curious how we can help make your house better?  

GSE offers a zero-obligation, free, home inspection to help you assess the storm damage.  Your roof, siding, gutters, facia, windows and doors will be inspected for damage.  Then, we’ll educate you on the condition of your home and the steps involved with a proper homeowner’s insurance claim. We’ll help you negotiate a fair solution with your homeowner’s insurance company.


GSE is not affiliated with any homeowner’s insurance company. We are independent and able to freely work with insurance claims from all insurance companies.


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Joe Sticha, 5/5/20

As an insurance agent, ...after a storm...Geek Suite Exteriors is a contractor of choice for my clients. They go above and beyond, and provide knowledgeable and valuable experience and communication, along with doing exceptional work. I know my clients are in good hands with this crew, and Matt Kriha has always been a pleasure to work with... 


Richard Hillstrom, 5/21/20

I recently had a storm come through my area...Matt was very professional...He handled everything with my insurance company, I ended up getting a full roof replacement!...they were in and out within a day and did an extremely good job. Great communication and professional service...Talk about going above and beyond!!! 

We asked Geek Suite Exteriors to evaluate our roof for hail damage from a storm ... I was very impressed with the communication and the caliber of the sales person, ...He evaluated the damage, and then even negotiated with my homeowners insurance company, which made things easy for us! ... Geek Suite Exteriors is an honest bunch of people who do excellent work. We recommend these guys

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