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Sales Representative Insurance

The Sales Representative shall provide a certificate (ACORD 25) to GeekSuite Exteriors evidencing the Comprehensive General Liability Insurance coverage required above. The  section Description of Operations on the certificate must include the following language:  “Certificate holder is included as an additional insured with respect to all work performed  and per endorsement CG2010 attached.” The additional insured endorsement should be the  standard ISO CG2010, indicating the name of GeekSuite Exteriors. (A “blanket” additional  insured endorsement such as ISO form CG2033, or equivalent, is also acceptable.  However, a copy of the endorsement needs to be attached to the certificate.)

Representative agrees to obtain and furnish to GeekSuite Exteriors an undertaking  by the insurance company issuing each such policy that such policy will not be cancelled  except after fifteen (15) days’ notice to GeekSuite Exteriors of its intention to do so. 

Auto Insurance

Sales Representative shall provide evidence to GeekSuite Exteriors evidencing a valid  driver’s license.

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