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The first step in creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is to register with the State. The account on the State portal will allow you to register your LLC, with a fee. For filing online the fee is $155 as of 5/21. Once you've created the account you will need to wait for an email from the State Department in order to confirm your account. At that point you can sign in and continue to your application.

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Account Part 3.JPG
Account Part 4.JPG
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The next step is to file your LLC name. This name cannot be a name already taken, and must not contain "LLC" or similar in the name. Instead, select "LLC" from the dropdown menu in order to apply it to the name. 

Filing Part 1.JPG
Filing Part 2.JPG

Select "no" for most companies. Only select "yes" if you are starting an LLC for a company that requires certification (ie Banking, Notary).

Filing Part 3.JPG
Filing Part 4.JPG

Adding an Organizer (you) is necessary, but you do not need to add a Registered Agent if you don't want to. This would be someone else who is responsible for your LLC and its dealings. 

Filing Part 5.JPG

A Registered Office Address is necessary as well. This can be any address you like, but cannot be a PO Box. The Mailing Address is optional, and is only needed if you will be receiving mail at a different location (A mailing address can be a PO box, but it cannot be the same address  as the Registered Office Address). 

Filing Part 6.JPG

Continue through the menu to complete your filing, and follow instructions on recording your application number, and proceed to payment through US Bank.

You will need to renew this annually with the Secretary of State. 

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