Casement: Window that opens outward by use of a crank handle.

Upper sash does NOT open

Single Hung: One sash can be opened; generally only the bottom sash can open.

Lower sash does open

Double Hung: Both sashes are able to be opened upward & downward.

Upper sash does open

Lower sash does open

Sliding: Opens by sliding the left or right sash.

Transom: Small window placed above another window or a door. Sometimes they can open but are usually fixed.

Basement Hopper: Small window, usually placed in basements, that opens inward.

Picture: Solid (larger) window that does not open.

Awning: Smaller window that opens outward and is hinged on the top.

Storm Window: Generally used in conjunction with single pane windows. Mounted inside or outside of glass window, to improve insulation and soundproofing.

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